This is a test of the new announcement feed system.

From here on, all announcements regarding all things Source Control will come through here. That includes notices of maintenance, downtime, as well as more general updates about the service.

The biggest motivator for this move, aside from a personal want to do some web design for a change, was to start breaking our community dependence on Discord. For too long now, it's been the one and only avenue through which all forewords about the website have been made.

Aside from the heavy reliance on a third-party and that being against the a key mission statement of why this website exists, Discord is also a very lacking syndication system. Posts can be pinned and announcements can push notifications to personal devices, sure, but it's far more tailored to a conversational experience than a platform for news propagation.

Our new solution uses RSS and allows us to distribute information without having to worry about so many third-parties being involved. With it being a core web technology and standard, it's been tested by time and has a higher level of reliability than Discord or any highly dynamic internet-based service for that matter.

Aside from visiting the website directly to view updates, you can also subscribe to our RSS feed at and receive notifications to any device you wish to that supports RSS content. Further, we will continue pushing announcement to Discord - now through an RSS relay bot.